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Main UF 4-stage Utral Filtration Water Purifier

Main UF 4-stage Utral Filtration Water Purifier Main UF 4-stage Utral Filtration Water Purifier

Main UF 4-stage Utral Filtration Water Purifier
Main UF 4-stage Utral Filtration Water Purifiers treat drinking water at the end of the line, and can be installed under the kitchen cabinet to save space. In addition to removing bacteria, the four-stage filtration system retains minerals in the water. Large flow rate design produces up to 5L per minute, which is equivalent to about five cups of water. There is no need for electricity, no waste water, and no space is wasted. Vertical and horizontal installation options are available. With the EZ-Level core change technology, the core can easily be changed in three seconds without any tools. By using composite cartridges, bacteria can be effectively eliminated.

Five Core Benefits

No need power supply, no waste water

Four-stage filtration, can retain water minerals

Large flow design, up to 5L/min

Water circuit with high pressure resistance to reduce leakage

Far exceeds NSF pressure test standards, more reliable

Filter Replacement in 3 seconds

Easy replacement of the filter with EZ LevelTM, saving you time and effort.

With a patented magnetic design , it can be opened without tools.

A patented mechanism makes cartridge changes effortless, and the cartridge can be replaced by simply rotating 90 degrees.

Two-filter design with four filtration stages

Composite filter technology with 0.01 micron filtration precision, four-stage filtration
Provides effective sediment removal, rust removal, residual chlorine removal, bacteria removal, and mineral retention Retains water minerals

Water safety is ensured by selecting the best water treatment materials at all levels in accordance with the water quality.



FC composite


First stage

Folded PP cotton

PP cotton folds in a high degree of precision, thus holding dirt very well,

ensuring a high interception rate, extending the life of the cartridge, effectively

removing sediment, rust, and other suspended dirt from the water, and protecting

the subsequent cartridge.

Recommended replacement

interval 6 to 12 months


Second stage

Activated carbon rods

Activated carbon powder made from coconut shells absorbs chlorine,

color and odor as well as pesticide residues, cosmetic products, oils

and other organic contaminants in water.



UC composite


Third stage Coconut shell activated carbon

In addition to removing color and odor from water, activated carbon

powder is also used to improve the taste.

Recommended replacement

interval 24 to 36 months


Fourth stage

Ultrafiltration membrane

Filters originally imported from Japan Mitsubishi Rayon have a precision of up

to 0.01micron, which can effectively capture suspended matter, colloids, particles,

bacteria, virus and other large molecules in water, while still preserving trace mineral

elements for health benefits.



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