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Wall Mounted Air Purification System Ventilator for Home

2018 Reddot design award winner, Smart O2 S1 wall mounted ventilator is designed for a room within 50㎡ or with no more than 3 persons, our most compact unit to date, S1 Wall Mounted Air Purification Ventilator for Home features an EBM motor that quietly introduces a supply of fresh outdoor air into each suite with up to 90 m³/h airflow. Small body, excellent panel material, every screw, every design are precisely deployed.

Smart O2 IT90 Wall Mounted HRV

MENRED Wall mounted heat recovery ventilatior, design for decentral venlator, easy to install, energy-efficient heat exchange ,compact design, the filter constantly drawing contaminants like mould, pollen, and other toxic particles out of the air, cleaning the air as it moves through the system that purification can reach to 99%, and improving the indoor air quality at home or worksite. A nice product to install in room and enjoy the fresh air during indoor.

NET.Plus Heat Recovery Ventilator(HRV)

MENRED high quality central ventilation system, ceiling mounted type. series with air heat recovery is unique fluid designed, built-in sound-deadening compartment, using three layers of filtration, efficient filtration of PM2.5. It provides temperate air and cost savings through the energy efficient design of a heat recovery ventilator unit, but is also produce cleaner air for indoor.

NET.Pro Heat Recovery Ventilator(HRV)

NET. Pro series heat recovery ventilator transfer heat or cool air from exhaut air to fresh air. The ventilation solution removes excess moisture, odors, and contaminates while saving energy and enhancing comfort.s a cost-efficient way to ensure fresh and climate-controlled air, an HRV makes use of the outgoing stale air to heat up or cool down the incoming fresh air by heat exchange core. .

NET Commercial Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)

MENRED HRVs can be applied in commercial, institutional and educational buildings of every type, size and location. that air volume can be reached to 3000 m3/h.Our HRVs are simple to install, offer high reliability, are incredibly flexible and optimize energy efficiency and savings. Further, as buildings become more airtight, MENRED HRVs provide the cleaner and healthier indoor air necessary to enhance IAQ.



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