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Energy recovery ventilation system


Energy recovery ventilation, often abbreviated as ERV, is an energy recovery process in HVAC system. It takes full advantage of the energy from indoor exhaust, and exchanges energy with outdoor supply air. In this way, it can minimize the waste of energy for the purpose of saving energy for both air conditioning and floor heating. The key component of an ERV system is a membrane-based enthalpy exchanger.
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What is an air source heat pump


Air source heat pumps can absorb heat energy from outside and generate more energy for indoor cooling or heating with just a small amount of electricity. It can also provide domestic hot water when paired with a hot water tank. Air source heat pump efficiency can be presented by the coefficient of performance(COP).
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How is ventilation calculated?


Calculating the ventilation volume, the total exhaust air volume of the kitchen should be determined according to the larger value calculated by removing the heat from the kitchen and calculated by the exhaust vent (or estimated by the number of air changes).
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How Do You Install a Ventilation System?


What is the purpose of installing ventilation system?The importance of ventilation in an energy-efficient home cannot be overstated. Every home and every occupant require a different amount and type of ventilation.
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Which purifier water is best?


Reverse osmosis can remove many types of dissolved and suspended chemical species as well as biological ones (principally bacteria) from water, and is used in both industrial processes and the production of drinking water.
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What is a thermal electric actuator?


Electrothermal actuators are mainly used in underfloor heating systems to control the closing and opening of pipes through the manifolds valves. It is specifically used in the electric drive part of the electrothermal actuator of the manifold branch valve, small valve and dynamic balance valve.
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Earth Day 2022


Save 1.04 million kWh of electricity a year. See what MENRED"carbon neutral factory" has done? Unlock multi-ways to love the earth together!
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What does UFH mean?


UFH means under floor heating, which is also called Radiant Floor Heating. It uses the entire floor as a radiator, and through the heat medium in the floor radiant layer, the entire floor is evenly heated, and the floor is heated by radiation and convection heat transfer to the room to achieve the purpose of comfortable heating.
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What is an ERV


The energy recovery ventilation ERV system is based on the principle of supplying fresh air indoors with special equipment on one side of the room, and then discharging it to the outside from the other side by special equipment, forming a "fresh air flow field" indoors, so as to meet the needs of indoor fresh air ventilation.
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What does a room thermostat do in a room?


Room thermostat is design for adjust room temperature. It works by switch on and off the heating system through the temperature control valve can control the amount of hot water entering the heating pipe, the more hot water flow, the higher temperature, and the less flow, the lower temperature.
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