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Earth Day 2022


Save 1.04 million kWh of electricity a year. See what MENRED"carbon neutral factory" has done? Unlock multi-ways to love the earth together!
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What does UFH mean?


UFH means under floor heating, which is also called Radiant Floor Heating. It uses the entire floor as a radiator, and through the heat medium in the floor radiant layer, the entire floor is evenly heated, and the floor is heated by radiation and convection heat transfer to the room to achieve the purpose of comfortable heating.
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What is an ERV


The energy recovery ventilation ERV system is based on the principle of supplying fresh air indoors with special equipment on one side of the room, and then discharging it to the outside from the other side by special equipment, forming a "fresh air flow field" indoors, so as to meet the needs of indoor fresh air ventilation.
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What does a room thermostat do in a room?


Room thermostat is design for adjust room temperature. It works by switch on and off the heating system through the temperature control valve can control the amount of hot water entering the heating pipe, the more hot water flow, the higher temperature, and the less flow, the lower temperature.
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AIO3... Underfloor Heating Manifold: Hot and Cold with Ease!


Manifolds for floor heating systems are usually made of brass. The new manifold developed by MENRED can be used for room cooling at the same time. With the help of EMS, the design was optimized for the required service life of 15 years. The Application Development Department accompanied the project through to series production.
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Antifreeze Tips


underfloor heating System insulation: equipment and pipes installed in the ambient temperature may be lower than 5 ℃ need to pay attention to the necessary insulation measures to avoid the risk of freezing of D.H.W. pipes, if not used for a long time can be drained of water in the system.
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Toubleshooting radiant floor heating systems


With the advantages of comfort and stability, the radiant floor heating system is very popular among users, but many users are troubled by the fact that the underfloor heating is not hot or the floor heating cannot reach the ideal temperature. The floor heating is not hot or the temperature is not up to standard, what is the reason it is not warm or couldn't reach to ideal temperture?
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What is a heat recovery ventilator?


The heat recovery ventilator is a two-way flow ventilation system. Its unique synchronous suction and exhaust function enables the exhaust and intake to be carried out at the same time, forming an all-round circulating air convection. It can quickly discharge the exhaust air in the room after filtering, and replenish the filtered fresh air in time. When the rated air volume of air supply and exhaust is the same, its ventilation effect can reach more than twice that of ordinary ventilation fans.
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How does energy efficiency(recovery) ventilation limit Covid-19


Menred energy recovery ventilator limits covid-19 infection while ventilating, due to use the antiviral energy recovery exchange. Viral envelopes found in many infectious strains are biologically similar to the cell membranes surrounding bacterial cells. The low local pH characteristic of nanopolymers has been shown to disrupt bacterial cells and keep them from colonizing surfaces coated, so it is expected that the material will have the same effect on viruses.
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What is energy recovery ventilation system


ERV the standard name is energy recovery ventilator, it recovers heat and humidification during outdoor and indoor air exchange. Because both temperature and moisture are transferred, Ervs are described as total enthalpic devices. When fresh and clean air enters the room and the exhaust air exits the room, it maintain the humidity balance in your room, as well as the heat when using AC or UFH.
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