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RT52 Wifi Thermostat for Heating

Experience the ultimate control for your hydronic heating system with the MENRED RT52 WiFi thermostat. Equipped with a large, easy-to-use 3.5-inch touch screen display, the RT52 makes it effortless to control and program your desired temperature, giving you the ultimate comfort and convenience. With its AI WiFi function, you can easily configure 2.4GHz/5GHz WiFi Bluetooth settings and control your heating system wirelessly from anywhere using the Tuya Smart mobile app. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional heating systems and enjoy the energy-saving features offered by the RT52 WiFi thermostat. Stay comfortable in any weather, and enjoy the convenience of controlling your home’s heating system with just one touch.

RT51 Digital Programmable Room thermostat

The MENRED RT51 is a bestselling digital thermostat made for hydronic heating systems. It has a 3.5 inch interface with white backlight, making it easy to operate without a manual. Plus, it’s programmable for the week and has a pre-heating function. There are also WiFi models available that let you control your heat via the Tuya Smart App on your phone.

MEN.APT-2X Digital Thermostat

The MEN.APT-2X digital thermostat is designed for surface mounting and can be installed directly onto a wall. It offers the option to select between manual and energy-saving control modes, making it a versatile choice. This thermostat can be used to control electric heating or electric valve control in water heating systems.

MEN.APT-1X Heating Thermostat

The MEN.APT-1X surface-mounted heating thermostat is designed to be installed directly onto a wall, making it easy and convenient to use. It has a temperature range of 10~35℃ and features an indicator light that illuminates when it’s heating. This thermostat is ideal for automatic temperature control of heating systems and meets high standards for comfort, safety, and energy efficiency. With its simple yet effective design, the MEN.APT-1X is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly thermostat.

BELL1 Menred Wireless Room Thermostat

The MENRED Bell1 wireless smart room thermostat is a battery-powered, programmable thermostat specifically designed for use with gas boiler heating systems. By measuring the room temperature, this thermostat can control the heat source’s working mode to provide a comfortable and energy-efficient environment. The controller is designed with low energy consumption, and only two batteries are needed to power it for up to a year. Please note that this thermostat requires use with the Bell 1MN wireless receiver for operation.



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