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About Us

Menred Group


mission and value

Mission  Build comfortable home and Environment friendly

Vision   Led the team to feel the happiness of Set-up

Value  Customer first  Cooperate & co-creation  Diligent 
            Curiosity  Positive  Embrace change  Keep simple
                                Separation of Powers

Company profile

MENRED is a leading company that devotes to climate comfort home, 25 years of development history in HVAC industry. Set up companies in Germany, China, and Singapore to layout global strategic plans. Ours markets are all over Asia, Europe, South Pacific and American countries.

MENRED Offering

MENRED Products include radiant heating and cooling, underfloor heating system,AC controls,ventilation and purification system,central vacuum cleaner,smart home, water purifiers, and climate comfort home relative products.

Products patents

Holding more than 240 IP protection, 21 Computer software works, 16 Chinain vention patents, 4 international patents.

Association member

KNX,Enocean,iPHA(International PassiveHouse Association)


Menred is committed to home comfort system integration and green building technology



Ecomomy Park HQs, Yueqing City, China.


Weisswasser Germany

MENRED Green Building Industrial Park

Oujiangkou New Area,Wenzhou City,Zhejiang China.

MENRED Enviromental Tech Industrial Park

Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang China.