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IEC5.350E  Energy Recovery Ventilators

IEC5.350E  Energy Recovery Ventilators IEC5.350E  Energy Recovery Ventilators IEC5.350E  Energy Recovery Ventilators IEC5.350E  Energy Recovery Ventilators IEC5.350E  Energy Recovery Ventilators

IEC5.350E Energy Recovery Ventilators
Several ventilation problems can be solved with MENRED IEC5 series energy recovery ventilator due to its low permeability nano-membrane technology and fixed plate design. Maintenance of the IEC5 system is easy, since cartridges only need to be replaced periodically. In addition to allowing stable operation, the airflow itself eliminates cross contamination because it has zero leakage. Stable performance not only saves the user money when selecting the air conditioner, but it also saves the user a great deal during the air conditioner's lifetime. The nano-membranes in IEC5 are the core material, which increases efficiency and makes the system suitable both for winter and summer. It transfers humidified heat and moisture to the fresh, dry air in the winter months using the exhaust system. The IEC5 provides year-round comfort with low energy consumption even in the summer months by removing moisture and heat from fresh air.

IEC5...Energy Recovery Ventilator

Heat and humidity exchange efficiency≥75%

No mold when humidity reaches 99%; No freeze at minus 30℃

Dehumidify in the south / humidify in the north

Mair Energy Exchange Core

Nano-membrane as the core material, which has the same life as its host and is maintenance-free

Energy recovery achieved with high efficiency, water-washableno internal leakage, and solves the ventilation issue.

One-piece EPP

A single piece of EPP material is used throughout the machine. EPP is a high-quality material. It reduces noise. The EPP material has excellent sealing and heat preservation properties, which can help reduce energy consumption. This machine is lighter than one made from sheet metal. In addition to being shock-resistant, durable, and acid, alkali, and moisture resistant, it is also rust-proof.

German EBM DC Motor

Our high-pressure, low noise, double-inlet centrifugal fan is a German, EBM-type DC unit that ensures a stable long-distance air supply.

High Efficient Filter H13: 99.95% Purification efficiency

G2 Mesh: Block large particles, such as mosquitoes, catkins and leaves.
H13 High efficient filter: High efficient PM2.5 filtration, large dust containing capacity, low wind resistance.


1. Integrated EEP material: The whole machine adopts one-piece EPP material. EEP is a high end material. It can reduce noise. EEP material has super excellent sealing and heat preservation functions, which effectively reduces energy consumption. Compared with sheet metal material, the machine is lighter. It is anti-shock, durable and acid, alkali, and moisture resistant.

2. Stainless steel material: the machine surface looks smooth. It’s easy to clean and maintain. It has high plasticity, toughness, mechanical strength and good corrosion resistance.

3. Filter: The machine uses US 3M filter material, which is able to efficiently filter PM2.5 up to 99% and ensures to provide clean and fresh air.

4. Motor: We use EMB DC double air inlet motor from Germany; constant flow, high air pressure, and low noise ensure stable and quiet long distance air supply.

5. The design air volume of the machine is 350m3/h, and the actual max air volume can reach 500m3/h. Higher air volume can be achieved by increasing air volume and wind pressure in the advanced mode.

6. Exchange core: from American DAIS membrane, washable, no leakage, no condensation, no cross contamination, no need drainage device.

Technical data

ModelIEC5.350 GB
Air volume(m³/h)350/250/150
Power consumption(W)150/71/30
Effective air exchange rate(%)100
Filtration efficiency(%)99
Filter modelF118

Filter replacement

1. When the indicator in the controller turns into red, the filter needs to be replaced in time.

2. Open the filter cover as shown in figure 1.

3. Take out the filter from the direction as shown in figure 2.

4. Put the replaced filter into the corresponding track and close the cover as shown in figure 3.

5. Turn to the filter setting in the controller. Long press the filter progress bar for 5 seconds to reset. When the filter shows 100%, the reset is completed.


Filter replacement Filter replacement
1、When the controller cartridge progress bar shows red, please replace the cartridge in time. 2、Open the middle gland plate of the exchange core in the direction as shown. 3、Take out the cartridge in the direction of the figure and replace it. 4、Put the replaced cartridge into the corresponding slot and cover the exchange core gland. 5、Open the cartridge setting page of the controller and press and hold the cartridge progress bar for 5 seconds to reset the cartridge balance, and the display shows 100% that the reset is successful. Note: Steps 1 and 5 are required for CLS4.0S LCD controller, if you purchase other controllers, please refer to the manual of the controller.
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How many modes of Menred G3 ventilator can be set? How many modes of Menred G3 ventilator can be set?
Energy saving mode: The air volume of exhaust air and fresh air are equal. Default wind speed is low speed. Haze removal mode: The fresh air is high speed, the exhaust air is low speed, and the wind speed shows high speed. Sleep mode: Both fresh air and exhaust air are low speed, wind speed shows low speed. Auto mode: Automatically adjust the airflow level according to the indoor CO2 and PM2.5 concentration. User can set the corresponding value in the setting page. For example, when PM2.5 is set to High > 100 > Medium > 35 > Low and C02 is set to High > 1500 > Medium > 700 > Low, when the air quality sensor detects PM2.4 > 100 and CO2 is between 700 and 1500, the wind speed is high.
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