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Main UF 4-stage Utral Filtration Water Purifier

Main UF 4-stage Utral Filtration Water Purifiers treat drinking water at the end of the line, and can be installed under the kitchen cabinet to save space. In addition to removing bacteria, the four-stage filtration system retains minerals in the water. Large flow rate design produces up to 5L per minute, which is equivalent to about five cups of water. There is no need for electricity, no waste water, and no space is wasted. Vertical and horizontal installation options are available. With the EZ-Level core change technology, the core can easily be changed in three seconds without any tools. By using composite cartridges, bacteria can be effectively eliminated.



Ecomomy Park HQs, Yueqing City, China.


Weisswasser Germany

MENRED Green Building Industrial Park

Oujiangkou New Area,Wenzhou City,Zhejiang China.

MENRED Enviromental Tech Industrial Park

Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang China.