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Danube Series RO Water Purification

Danube Series RO Water Purification Danube Series RO Water Purification

Danube Series RO Water Purification
A unique feature of this Menred Danube series RO water purifier under-kitchen faucet design is that it does not have an external water storage tank. It produces 1.5 liters of water per minute without waiting. The RO membrane cartridges last a maximum of 3 years and can be replaced after 6,000 liters of water have been filtered. A water purifier will sound an alarm when water is not flowing from the pipes or the water pressure is too low. Upon detecting a water leak signal, the water supply is automatically cut off. Resuming operation after troubleshooting is automatic. This delicately designed unit requires little space for installation and can be positioned under the kitchen. Intelligent automatic flushing can reduce clogging and prolong the service life of RO membranes.

Real-time digital display, double alert

High precision sensors, integrated control system Built-in intelligent water leak protector, detects water leak signal and automatically cuts off water. Intelligent faucet with built-in Hall sensor, more accurate water control. Independent monitoring of four filters’ life, three primary color indicators to remind in real time.

EZ-Level filter replacement system, DIY replacement,saving time and effort

Magnetic housing for quick opening without the use of tools and a patented design . Patented lever principle for effortless cartridge change, easy to replace by rotating 90°.

Four-stage high efficiency filtration

Protecting your family's drinking water health Effective filtering of heavy metals, limescale, residual chlorine and other harmful substances.

Pump membrane matching technology, patented vibration damping structure

Imported high damping cushioning material, higher water production rate and lower product noise

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