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NET.Pro+ Energy Recovery Ventilator(ERV)

NET.Pro+ Energy Recovery Ventilator(ERV) NET.Pro+ Energy Recovery Ventilator(ERV)

NET.Pro+ Energy Recovery Ventilator(ERV)
The MENRED NET.Pro+ Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) is a highly energy-efficient ventilation system designed for modern, eco-friendly homes. The system works by taking the stale, polluted indoor air and supplied fresh air from outdoors, while also recapturing the heat and moisture from the exhaust air, reducing energy consumption in HVAC systems. As an upgraded model for 2021, the NET.Pro+ ERV builds on the classic features of MENRED ventilators and sets itself apart with the revolutionary use of the Mair membrane exchange core, providing a unique feature not found in other ERV ventilators on the market. The system’s advanced design and efficient operation make it an ideal solution for homeowners seeking optimal indoor air quality and sustainable energy solutions.


The NET.Pro+ Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) boasts several features that make it a high-performing and efficient option for eco-friendly homes:

  • German EBM Fan: The forward-facing centrifugal fan is designed by EBM and produces low noise with high air pressure. It is incredibly efficient, and has a long life span.

  • High Efficiency Filtering: With US HV filter material, the NET.Pro+ filters PM2.5 particles up to 99%, improving indoor air quality. Additionally, it has passed the ISO 846 B test for wood mold, black mold, ball hair shell mold, and pine thirsty penicillin, preventing the growth of these harmful elements.

  • Intelligent Sensors and Display: Sensors inside the unit collect indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, as well as indoor PM2.5 and CO2 concentrations, all displayed on the color LCD screen, known as CLS4.0. This provides real-time feedback on indoor air quality and allows users to monitor trends in CO2 and PM2.5 concentrations.

  • LCD Screen with Many Functions: The product comes with the option to purchase a color LCD screen, making it not just high-functioning, but also attractive and visually appealing. The screen displays indoor air-processing information including timing options, cartridge life reminders, and more. The unit can even be controlled remotely via smartphone APP.

  • Mair Membrane Exchange Core: The core is completely washable and boasts an effective air exchange rate of more than 99%. The highly efficient core can be used again and again and produces zero internal leakage.

  • Mirror Symmetric Structure: The unit can be rotated 180 degrees when installed, making it an option for left and right symmetric households too. This makes it easy to choose the maintenance port location according to household type and decoration needs.

Performance parameter

ModelNET.150 Pro+NET.250 Pro+NET.350 Pro+
Air volume(m3/h)150/125/100250/200/120350/250/150
Filter modelF1105F1106F1107


MeshWash1 monthBlock large particles, such as mosquitoes,
catkins and leaves.
High efficient
Replace6 monthsHigh efficient PM2.5 filtration, large dust
containing capacity, low wind resistance
Mair exchange
WashNo need
to replace
Antimicrobial, moisture resistance, washable.
No need to replace. Resistance of high humidity
(99%) and low temperature (minus 30℃).

About the NET.Pro+  Energy Recovery Ventilator Mair ERV Exchange Core
The heart of the NET.Pro+  Energy Recovery Ventilator is the Mair ERV Exchange Core, which uses nanotechnology technology to enable the transfer of heat as well as moisture into and out of your home.
This means:
In the summer, the ERV uses the stale, conditioned indoor air you’re expelling to cool the incoming hot air.
In the winter, the ERV uses the stale, heated indoor air you’re expelling to preheat the incoming cold air.

Learn more about the science behind the MENRED Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV).

Data download


Filter replacement Filter replacement
1、When the controller cartridge progress bar shows red, please replace the cartridge in time. 2、Open the middle gland plate of the exchange core in the direction as shown. 3、Take out the cartridge in the direction of the figure and replace it. 4、Put the replaced cartridge into the corresponding slot and cover the exchange core gland. 5、Open the cartridge setting page of the controller and press and hold the cartridge progress bar for 5 seconds to reset the cartridge balance, and the display shows 100% that the reset is successful. Note: Steps 1 and 5 are required for CLS4.0S LCD controller, if you purchase other controllers, please refer to the manual of the controller.
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How many modes of Menred G3 ventilator can be set? How many modes of Menred G3 ventilator can be set?
Energy saving mode: The air volume of exhaust air and fresh air are equal. Default wind speed is low speed. Haze removal mode: The fresh air is high speed, the exhaust air is low speed, and the wind speed shows high speed. Sleep mode: Both fresh air and exhaust air are low speed, wind speed shows low speed. Auto mode: Automatically adjust the airflow level according to the indoor CO2 and PM2.5 concentration. User can set the corresponding value in the setting page. For example, when PM2.5 is set to High > 100 > Medium > 35 > Low and C02 is set to High > 1500 > Medium > 700 > Low, when the air quality sensor detects PM2.4 > 100 and CO2 is between 700 and 1500, the wind speed is high.
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