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LS7.42 AC Thermostat

LS7.42 AC Thermostat

LS7.42 AC Thermostat
LS7.42 AC thermostats are designed for controlling speed fan and an on/off valve actuator in 2-pipe or 4-pipe FCU system, to meet up the adjusted indoor temperature.


LS7.42 air conditioning thermostat, designed to be used in 2-pipe/4-pipe central air conditioning FCU system, is to control indoor temperature by controlling the fan speed of fan coil unit and the switch of electric actuator. The product design is simple and exquisite, which is perfect for any style of decor.

The built-in sensor for this series is rotary, which effectively solves the temperature deviation caused by the thermostat’s own temperature rise. The installation is easy. The mounting bracket which needs fixing with the junction box is just connected with the thermostat by two screws in the bottom of the thermostat. Before installation, you just need separate the panel from the thermostat by loosening the screws. After mounting the bracket in the junction box, insert the thermostat onto the bracket and fix it by the screws in the bottom of the thermostat.

It is simple to operate. The ECO button on the panel enables you to enter into energy saving temperature and atuo fan speed mode. The heating and cooling energy saving temperatures can be adjusted through advanced setting. By long pressing ECO button, the heating mode or cooling mode could be switched. There are four gears fan speed for option: low, medium, high and auto. You can choose any of them by pressing the fan icon in the panel.


-Large screen, clear display

-Rotary built-in sensor, more precise temperature control

-Low consumption design

-ECO energy saving mode

-Easy installation, easy operation

Technical data

Voltage: AC230V 50Hz

Load current: 2A (resistive loads); 1A (inductive load)

Power consumption: < 1 W

Terminal: A single terminal can max connect

two 1.5 mm²or one 2.5 mm²wires

Setting range: 5 ~ 35℃

Ambient temperature: -10℃~55℃

Protective housing: IP20

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