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Smart home in Villa

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Smart home in Villa

Smart home in Villa Smart home in Villa Smart home in Villa Smart home in Villa

Use: This project adopts intelligent lighting system, security system, curtain system, HVAC system,and central vacuum cleaner.

Application: Greentown Taohuayuan, Hangzhou

Characteristics: This case belongs to a Resort residence. The owner lives irregularly and has high requirements for the convenience of intelligent control. Therefore, the intelligent design is introduced from all-round, customized German-style intelligent design, combined with EnOcean's energy-saving technology, to achieve a stable and concise effect.

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Smart design highlights  

1. Powerless wireless

The smartl light switch, infrared, window magnet, etc. in this case all use EnOcean powerless and wireless products, which can be fixed in position after decoration. There is no need to reserve cassettes, slotting, and wiring during the whole process.

2. Complete HVAC intelligent control

miBEE has done intelligent control of menred underfloor heating, ventilation and Daikin central air-conditioning in the whole house.

3. Electric external shading + camera monitoring detail display

The whole area is equipped with intelligent lighting, intelligent electric curtains, security monitoring system, intelligent control of air-conditioning, floor heating, ventilation system, and electric external shading control system.

The miBEE smart cloud lock is installed at the entrance, which can use five unlocking methods: fingerprint, password, key, swiping card, and APP, it can realize functions such as remote unlocking, temporary password, and emergency call alarm, and automatically trigger the home mode after unlocking.


Intelligent electric sunshade, privacy, noise reduction and heat insulation. Active and passive security to create a safe and private living environment.

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